Wednesday, May 13, 2015

May 13, 2015

Later today we will be on our way to Texas, via Buffalo. Just about everyone we know who flies to the United States, flies from either Buffalo or Detroit, as opposed to flying out from Canada. We’ve always boarded our flights in Toronto in the past. Up until a few years ago, that pretty much guaranteed you’d be on a non-stop flight to wherever you were going.

But then, Canadian airlines began “partnering” with U. S. airlines, and so now for the most part Canadian flights into the States are tied into the hub system. There are still a few non-stop flights you can book out of Toronto, but not that many. But that’s not the reason we’re flying out of Buffalo.

It’s the $1,000 difference in the cost of air fare for this trip that decided us. I honestly couldn’t justify paying that much extra.

First, driving to Buffalo is only about a twenty minute travel difference, not counting the time at the border. Once in the Queen City, if we stay a night before our flight, and the night after our return flight at the same hotel, our car gets to be parked the entire time we’re gone, for free. Well, all right, not free, but the cost of the room includes the car parking, which for the same period in Toronto near to the airport would be 200 dollars all on its own (one of the reasons our daughter usually drives us to the airport and picks us up again).

The added bonus is that this plan reduces the stress of traveling, at least for me.

I am humbled that the reason we’re heading to Texas is for a joint gathering of mine, and Heather Rainier’s, Street Teams [the e-book equivalent of a fan club]. I’m so excited to get to meet these wonderful women. How cool is it that people will actually come together to meet me? The great fringe benefit, of course, is that I get to spend time with my good friend and fellow author, Heather Rainier and her family. I’m also going to get to see my publisher while I’m there as she is based in Texas!

Mr. Ashbury is coming with me, of course—though on my last visit to Texas he didn’t. That year—the year before last—he decided to take the girls on a trip instead. The main purpose of my visit then was to collaborate with Heather, which resulted in a book from each of us - another cross-over treat for our readers.

I’ve looked ahead to the weather and it looks like we’re going to see a fair bit of rain and possibly thunderstorms. I really don’t mind that so much, as there aren’t many places we’re planning to “see”. We visited a few tourist spots on our first trip to Dallas.

My beloved is hoping for good weather the day before we fly home, as we’ll be spending that day in San Antonio. He wants me to see the River Walk. The year I attended my first RT Convention as a published author, it was held in Houston. Once I was settled in at the hotel, he headed out to the airport—he was flying by himself to San Antonio, to see the Alamo. History buff that he is, it was one of the places on his “bucket list”. He came back excited about the city and wanted me to see it.

I’m praying that this is a really good trip for me. Issues that I’ve been dealing with, health-wise, over the last couple of years, seem to have settled down some. I’m very grateful, because nothing is worse than traveling when you’re not sure how you’re going to be on any given day.

That said, as tough as that was, I did the best I could, because really, everything is a decision. I believe with all my heart that you can either live your life reacting to your circumstances, or you can live your life on your own terms in spite of them.

I have already decided that I am going to have a wonderful time on this trip. I’ll be meeting face to face some of my most dedicated readers, I’ll be visiting with a family I love dearly, seeing my publisher again, and I’ll be spending time with my beloved.

Anything else—weather, or health issues—are just circumstances.


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