Wednesday, November 13, 2013

November 13, 2013

Ah, home sweet home. As much as I loved being away—especially being down in Texas with my good friends the Rainiers, spending time with Bella Juarez, and meeting with my wonderful publisher—it’s good to be home, too.

Of course I missed my beloved, and we had a couple of really good days together—and then it was his turn to fly off.

As you read these words, he and our daughters—both the one I gave birth to, and the one I did not—are undoubtedly having a blast in Las Vegas.

The girls have never been to Nevada before, while this is my husband’s third time there. The other two times, of course, we went together – the first occasion was for our “honeymoon” which we took on our 17th anniversary. The second was related to his job. In 2002, not long before the family who’d owned the quarry where he works sold the business to a large corporation, they treated us both to a trip to Vegas, so he could attend the Con-Agg Expo, which is always held in that city. David really was thrilled to go to that, because he has always loved his line of work.

My beloved and the girls had a lot of plans for what they would do in the short time they would be in Vegas this week. Gambling wasn’t very high on their priority lists, either. The girls did want to visit at least one casino. If my beloved bets a dollar on anything, I’d be very surprised. He is absolutely not a gambler. Mostly, the three of them wanted to see a couple of shows, and take a tour out to Hoover Dam—and they were hoping to squeeze in a tour to the Grand Canyon, too.

Since they only took a short trip—they’ll be home Friday—I don’t know how much of what they have planned they’ll actually be able to accomplish. I did tell them if they felt like they were flagging they should go to a bar in one of the casinos and order a coffee. I don’t know if it is truth, or urban myth, but I had no trouble, both times I was there, believing that they do indeed oxygen into those gambling dens.

I feel like I’m experiencing a reprise of my own vacation, in a way, since I have the house all to myself until they return Well, all to myself except for the puppy and the cat. My husband said that while I was away in Texas for those ten days, both animals “acted out”. I wasn’t surprised to hear that, because they’re not used to being without someone in the house during the day. David still had to go to work, and poor Tuffy probably thought his life had taken a turn for the worst, having only the cat for company.

I’ll have to tell my husband, when I pick him up on Friday, that the animals were actually quite well behaved for me. But the truth is, life for them returned to normal. I’m home with them most days, so it must seem as if everything is as it should be, except for one thing: there’s been no daddy at night which means that for the puppy, no walk at night.

I had intended to walk Tuffy myself Tuesday night, as I thought it would be good for the both of us. He’s little and not capable of pulling on the leash hard enough to unbalance me, so I am able to walk him. The only challenge to my plan was the thin coating of ice that had formed on the stairs attached to our porch.

I have to go out later today and pick up some safety salt. This fall has found us woefully unprepared for the ice.

Right now, I’m in my office, shivering a little, about to put my electric fireplace on and grab another coffee. I can’t help but think about Texas, and how warm I was, comparatively speaking, just last week. And I feel I must assure all of my Texas friends that the dip in temperatures they were experiencing last night—down below freezing—was not my fault.

I’m almost positive that I packed the cold weather and brought it home with me when I returned!

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