Wednesday, July 10, 2013

July 10, 2013

My beloved’s week off of work went by very quickly—for the both of us. I am delighted that he managed to keep himself busy without having to seek me out every half hour or so, as he has done in the past. Not only that, I’m doubly delighted that he finished every item on his “honey do” list.

Well, practically. He needs to paint the shed he built, but the last few days before he went back to work turned out to be very wet. The weather forecast is calling for the rain to be done by tomorrow. By next weekend, we’re hoping, the new structure will be dry enough for him to apply some resin paint to it.

He actually quite enjoyed the act of constructing the shed. Before the company that owns the quarry where he works bought it from the family that used to own it, he used to be responsible for designing and building different pieces of equipment. Of course, that construction was done with steel and an arc welder, as opposed to wood and nails. But the sense of creation is the same, as is the pride of accomplishment.

I know he’s missed that these last few years. Now of course, as his working career is winding down, he is no longer expected to perform the heavy, physically taxing work he used to do. Now, he drives a very big truck for most of the day.

We kicked off his vacation week by enjoying a Sunday out, on the 30th, as we attended a house party to celebrate Canada Day. Our puppy was also invited to this event, which served as Tuffy’s debut in society, as it were. He was the most well behaved puppy, ever. Everyone fell in love with him, with a few people telling us that if we ever got tired of him, why, they would be ever so happy to take him off our hands.

You can probably imagine Mr. Ashbury’s response to those offers. That’s right, two words: not happening.

We did purchase a puppy carrier for the inside of the car, something safe for the puppy to travel in. He hasn’t liked car rides very much at all so far, and that is unfortunate, as we had hoped to be able to bring him with us when we travel to Pennsylvania in September.

The woman who was our hostess at the house party works with animals, and she suggested just taking him for small car rides on a regular basis. We began to implement that plan on Monday of last week. We’ve had some success. Tuffy has discovered that car rides can, in fact, be fun. He likes to have his face in the wind.

On this past Sunday, when it was time to head out to get groceries, Tuffy decided that he would not be left behind. Pennsylvania for him in the fall is looking distinctly possible.

Now that my beloved has returned to work, I’m hoping that I can return to my normal routines as well. I manage a regimen of housework mixed with writing most days that gives me a two-pronged sense of accomplishment. When I have weeks that require me to go out of the house more than a couple of times, I get annoyed. Even if the “going out” is to my benefit, I have found that in the last year or two, especially, I prefer my routines, and my house—and my solitude.

I’ve been told that I am in danger of becoming a hermit. I know that isn’t precisely so because I continue to have my characters for company, as well as my wonderful, online community of readers.

Now my husband has returned to work and they, and the dog and the cat, are mostly the only company I have. But my beloved has reminded me that I won’t have to suffer thusly for too long.

He’ll have another seven days off in just three weeks time.


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