Saturday, April 27, 2013

Mea Culpa for my April 24th essay

When I'm wrong, I'm wrong.

In this case, I was partly wrong. I offer my apologies to one and all for some of the misinformation I inadvertently included in my previous note about the RT Convention. I was under the impression that all e-published authors were being excluded from the Giant Book Fair at the RT Convention this year.

Certainly, the self-published authors are being excluded. Where I was wrong was in the details.

Apparently if individual e-publishers were willing to absorb a deep discount on books and handle the shipping costs involved in sending these books to the convention, then their authors could indeed sign at the Saturday Giant Book Fair. Some publishers chose not to do this, and so those authors are unable to attend.

The RT Convention remains an excellent venue for authors as a place to meet and greet their readers.

If you are an e-pubbed author and were thinking of attending RT next year, you should still consider doing so. The readers who attend each year are avid in the pursuit of their one “guilty pleasure” – reading. And because they travel from city to city, using the event as their annual vacation, they are loyal. RT is still a good place to be, if you write, or read, books.

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